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Commercial producers of chickens, turkeys and the like in the south know a successful poultry farm operation requires a substantial commitment of time, expertise and resources. It’s important to protect your golden egg, your hard work and your investment, with the right insurance solution. Poultry Insurance from Southern Farm and Wind Insurance makes these risks a thing of the past.


To help protect what is valuable to you, Southern Farm and Wind Insurance delivers poultry insurance solutions to a wide range of poultry processors and growers including broilers, egg-layers, turkeys and more. We offer poultry insurance programs that are flexible and tailored to cover those unexpected losses that could threaten the future or your farm, regardless if you have just a few chickens or thousands of them!

Quality Poultry Farm Liability Insurance Coverage For Southern Poultry Processors And Poultry Growers

Whether your poultry farm is a highly automatic egg production facility, involves huge flocks or is a smaller part of a large operation, we understand the risks you face and can build you a custom poultry insurance plan you can afford. Poultry farms are exposed to a unique array of liabilities from farm operations, such as:

  • Misapplication or overspray of chemicals
  • Leakage from storage tanks and ponds on your property
  • Transportation of poultry
  • Claims of animal cruelty
  • Animal sickness and disease
  • And many more

That’s why Southern Farm and Wind Insurance offers a large variety of poultry farm insurance coverages and can build you a poultry insurance plan specifically tailored to your needs and those of your poultry business.

Which Poultry Insurance Coverages Does My Poultry Farm Need?

Every poultry farm is different and needs a tailored insurance plan. From intensive and high welfare farms to free-range and organic ones, we can offer insurance solutions to protect your poultry business from loss of revenue in the event of heat stress, disease, property damage, power interruption, equipment breakdown and many more scenarios.

Below are a few poultry insurance coverage types Southern Farm and Wind Insurance recommend your poultry insurance plan should include for a risk-free operation.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance – Required in some Southern states. Insurance coverage for those who work on your farm or ranch. For more details see our Farm and Ranch Workers Compensation page

Employee Liability Insurance – Recommended if your poultry operation has a payroll greater than $25,000.

Liability Insurance – Liability insurance is required by law and critical in protecting yourself from any injuries and/or property damage that may occur on your poultry farm. Liability coverage can help protect you against lawsuits by providing insurance coverage for your poultry farm operation.

Replacement Cost Insurance – Coverage for houses, equipment and sheds should be on a replacement cost basis. Replacement cost Insurance replaces equipment and such at the time of loss, not including depreciation. Two of the most basic perils that a farm or ranch insurance policy typically covers are fire and wind. A “peril” is the specific cause of loss. Some farm and ranch insurance policies may exclude wind. In order to fully understand your coverage, speak with one of our knowledgeable farm and ranch insurance agents.

Roof Collapse Insurance – This is insurance covers roof collapse due to snow or ice and is required by law. Coverage for this peril is usually available for buildings less than 10-15 years old.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance – This coverage is also known as “boiler and machinery” insurance and is required by law for poultry farms. This coverage may pay for the cost to replace the damaged equipment as well as any loss of revenue the covered breakdown may have caused.

Poultry Insurance Done Right Through Southern Farm And Wind Insurance Covers The Unique Risks Of Your Poultry Farm Operation

There are many risks to your poultry business. From the avian flu to influenza and property damage to equipment breakdown, you face a large number of unique risks other industries don’t.

These risks could be jeopardy for your poultry farm, to the extent that one incident could wipe out your entire operation. With that much at stake having the right insurance coverage from Southern Farm and Wind Insurance is essential. On top of the Poultry Insurance coverages listed above, the right poultry insurance policy can save you from animal cruelty charges and liability from pollution. Southern Farm and Wind Insurance has your poultry farm covered!

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Southern Farm and Wind Insurance has over 30 years of experience in all kinds of commercial and agricultural business insurance and it shows. We’re anxious to put that expertise to work for your poultry farm. Let us help you find the best poultry farm insurance plan for your poultry operation today!

If you’ve got questions about poultry farm insurance, we’ve got the answers you need to make informed poultry insurance policy decisions! If you’re ready to see how much you can save on poultry farm insurance in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennesse, Mississippi or a surrounding state, call Southern Farm and Wind Insurance today at 1-800-385-1559! For a free online poultry farm insurance quote simply fill out the quote form on this page. We look forward to serving you.